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Dr. Ramesh Punjani
Pooja Nursing Home, 1st Floor, Shree Ram Apartments, J N Road, Mulund West, Mumbai - 400080
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Dr. Ramesh Punjani is senior practising surgeon since last 30 years. He has got his undergraduate and postgraduate training from Grant medical College & Sir JJ Group of Hospitals. He had an opportunity to work with world renowned surgeon like Dr. T.E. Udwadia. He has a vast experience of doing complex surgeries. He is very compassionate & kind to his patients, that is why he is liked by his patients.


  • Practicing “Herniologist” since 1986
  • Practicing Laparoscopic Hernia since 1996
  • Performed thousands of Open & Laparoscopic Hernia surgeries
  • Vice- President, Indian Hernia Society
  • Member of “Asia Pacific Hernia Society”
  • Presented 25 papers on Hernia at State, National & International level


  • Best paper award , “Component Separation Technique”, in Hernia Society of India, 2015 ( HSICON 2015 )
  • Live Demonstration to practicing surgeons on various techniques of Hernia surgery at 15 places in India
  • One of the very few surgeons doing “Component Separation technique”, a special technique for Large Ventral hernia & has done highest number of cases in India
  • He is a teaching faculty at animal laboratory, wherein he trains other surgeons for varying techniques of Hernia Surgery
    1. CEMAST, Centre of Excellence Minimal Access Surgery Training Centre, Worli
    2. EISE, Ethicon Institute of Surgical Education, Mahim
    3. CCI, Covidien Centre of Innovation, Chandivali
  • He has run about 100 workshops on Hernia Surgery & trained about more than 1000 surgeons so far on different techniques of Hernia Surgery


Laparoscopic Hernia at USA, with
  • Dr. John Olsofka, Louisville, KY, USA
  • Dr. Scott Roth, Lexington, University of Kentucky, USA
  • Dr. Ibrahim Daoud, Hartford, University of Connecticut, USA
  • Dr. Yuri Novitsky, Cleveland university hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Types of Surgeries

  • General Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Complex Hernia Surgery

General Surgery deals with surgery on abdomen, skin surface, neck, extremities.

Commonly, it deals with diseases of stomach, intestines, appendix, gall bladder, liver, abdominal cancers, hernia, hydrocele, piles, fissure, fistula, pilonidal sinus, varicose veins, neck swellings, lymphnodes, thyroid, sebaceous cyst, lipoma etc.

It also deals with management of wounds, ulcers, abscess etc.

It is known as key-hole surgery, is one of the most astonishing advancement of modern surgery. With the help of modern video camera system, one can perform complex abdominal procedure through tiny holes, with more precision.

The common surgery done through laparoscope are,

  • Laparoscopic removal of Gall bladder
  • Laparoscopic removal of Appendix
  • Laparoscopic repair of Hernia
  • Laparoscopic removal of abdominal swellings
  • Laparoscopic removal of abdominal cancers
  • Laparoscopic removal of Intra thoracic procedure on lungs
  • Laparoscopic removal of Neck swellings Etc.
  • We have world’s Best camera system (Spies- Karl Storz) to perform these procedures.

It has many advantages, like

  • Decreased pain
  • Less use of analgesic drugs
  • Less hospitalization, early discharge
  • Fast recovery
  • Early resumption to routine activities and work
  • Cosmetic appeal with almost invisible scars

Complex Hernia include

1. Large Hernia : Hernia when left untreated for long time, it tends to grow to enormous size, making surgery more challenging. They need various techniques in complex procedures called AWR ( Abdominal Wall Reconstruction ).

2. Recurrent Hernia : Previously failed hernia repair tends to weaken the muscles & requires different techniques to give durable repair. Re-recurrent hernia, which have failed more than once, are still more difficult & needs complex plastic procedures

3. Hernia in very Obese patients need tailored approach to give better results

4. Hernia patients with associated diseases of heart, lung , liver & kidney needs quick & durable repair.

At our center, we have a large experience of treating such complex Hernia.