The word Hernia means ‘something coming through’


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About Hernia

Hernia is a very common disorder and affects about 3% of the population; hence it is important for all to have basic knowledge of this problem, its symptoms and treatment.

It can occur in males as well as females but it is more common in males. Hernia can occur at any age, from cradle to grave; it may be seen in a newborn child as also in a very old person. Every Hernia needs immediate detection by medical expert, proper and detailed diagnosis followed by proper treatment.

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About Specialist


  • Area of interest
  • Achievements
  • Training abroad

  • Practicing “Herniologist” since 1986
  • Practicing Laparoscopic Hernia since 1996
  • Performed thousands of Open & Laparoscopic Hernia surgeries
  • Vice- President, Indian Hernia Society
  • Member of “Asia Pacific Hernia Society”
  •  Presented 21 papers on Hernia at State, National & International level

  • Best paper award , “Component Separation Technique”, in Hernia Society of India, 2015 ( HSICON 2015 )
  • Live Demonstration to practicing surgeons on various techniques of Hernia surgery at 10 places in India
  • One of the very few surgeons doing “Component Separation technique”, a special technique for Large Ventral hernia & has done highest number of cases in India

Laparoscopic Hernia at USA, with

  • Dr. John Olsofka, Louisville, KY, USA
  • Dr. Scott Roth, Lexington, University of Kentucky, USA
  • Dr. Ibrahim Daoud, Hartford, University of Connecticut, USA
  • Dr. Yuri Novitsky, Cleveland university hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, USA